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Have questions about the HOLD SHIPPING functionality?  This video and these notes should answer any questions you may have!
Please watch the short video (no audio - text captions only) that will walk you through how to use this feature, then read over the bullet points below.
• You must have an account on our website in order to combine orders using the HOLD SHIPPING option.  If you don't have an account, go to our website, select 'Login' and then choose 'Create Account'.  Make sure you enter the email address that is associated to the orders you have placed.  
• You can only combine orders that have been placed with the HOLD SHIPPING option during checkout (PLEASE DO NOT COMBINE CUSTOM SCREEN PRINT ORDERS THAT ARE ON HOLD WITH OTHER HOLD ORDERS).
For example: I place an order on Monday and select HOLD SHIPPING during checkout. I am placing an order on Wednesday and want to have my Wednesday order and Monday order ship together... I am going to place my Wednesday order and select HOLD SHIPPING during checkout. Then I'm going to go to ORDER HISTORY and select the SCHEDULE SHIPPING box. My Monday and my Wednesday orders will both be displayed since I selected HOLD SHIPPING for both of those orders. I would choose the orders, select "continue" and then on the shipping page I will select my shipping method (USPS or UPS).
• You cannot combine an active cart with orders that have been placed with the HOLD SHIPPING option.
For example: If I am placing an order from the Wednesday sale and have an order I had previously selected HOLD SHIPPING. If I pay for shipping for the Wednesday sale order, then I will no longer have the option to combine previously selected HOLD SHIPPING orders.

• When you are combining the orders, you have to select a shipping method. Selecting HOLD SHIPPING will just put your oder back in a HOLD status. Your orders will not ship until you select the shipping method (USPS or UPS) and pay for shipping.
• Nothing happens "automatically". You have to tell the system what orders you want to ship and when you want to ship them. When you pay for shipping is when you are telling the system you are ready to have your order shipped.
• We do not have the ability to merge orders with an order that you have already scheduled to ship.
• Please be aware that a new order number does get generated and assigned when the scheduling or your order is attempted/completed. You will be able to see this new order number in your order history within your customer account.
• I highly recommend watching the very short walk through video that I made (it has no sound - it is all text based and photos) that shows you how to use the HOLD SHIPPING feature. It is a complete walk through that takes you step by step.
• If you have any questions after watching the video, please email support@dapperdesigns.store. If you ask a question that is answered in the video, you will be redirected to the video.