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You Grow Girl

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on January 27 2021

Have you figured out your target market? If not, we need to do that now... otherwise the next tip isn’t going to be helpful at all!
Your target market is your ideal customer. Who are your products for? You’re probably thinking, “EVERYBODY!” and that’s great, but you can’t target EVERYBODY and get good results. So you need to identify a group of people that you want to target FIRST. You also need to have something in common with that group of people, because you need to be able to CONNECT with them.
So think about your product and what type of people like that specific product. “Type of people” means their lifestyle, interests, season of life, etc. for example, in my retail group we sell primarily graphic tees/tanks/hoodies. ANYONE can wear those... BUT my target crowd is 30-something year old women who have school aged kids, love online shopping, watch entirely to much true crime, and are in the Midwest. Why is that my target market? Because THOSE are the people I can CONNECT with.... because that’s MY LIFE too.
Why is that important? Because we aren’t going for a one time sell. We are going for a connection. We are building a relationship. Because THAT is how we build a customer base with REPEAT CUSTOMERS. And it is EASIER to retain customers than to find new ones.