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Time Blocking - A Game Changer!

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on January 27 2021

If you are like me, you have 50 million things to do every day but only so much time in the day. This tip will be a GAME CHANGER if you’re struggling with getting tasks done, feeling like you are never able to be proactive because you are constantly reactive, which typically leads to feelings overwhelmed and unaccomplished.
The very first thing I do every single day is time block my entire day. I write down what my priority tasks are, what meetings I have scheduled, and what my “hard stop” times are (times you HAVE to be done by). Then I fill in my schedule with meetings so I can time block my priority tasks around my scheduled meetings and “hard stops”.
When that time block for that task is up then I have to move on to the next task. THIS IS IMPERATIVE! Otherwise your entire day is thrown of track from the rest of the day and you will not accomplish the tasks you set out to do... at least not without feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.
If something else comes up throughout the day and my time blocks are full for the day, then that task is moved to a priority task the next day.
If I finish a task early, then I can either find another task that I time blocked for the next day and move it to today OR I can move a task from later in the day to work on now.
Here’s an example of my Saturdays:
• 8am - 10am: leadership meeting for another business I co-own
• 10am - 11am: payroll and reconcile the weeks expenses for taxes
• 11am - 1pm: family time
• 1pm - 3pm: design for the next weeks pre-orders
• 3pm - 8pm: family time
• 8pm - 10pm: plan and create social media content for the upcoming week
Here’s an example of one of my team members Mondays:
• 8:45am - 9am: team meeting to discuss the week
• 9am - 10am: check support emails
• 10am - 2pm: print orders & pull transfers
• 2pm - 3pm: organize & inventory new transfers
• 3pm - 4pm: print new orders that have come in for the day & pull those orders
• 4pm: HARD STOP
Each member on my team has their own time block & their own tasks which ensures each of us knows what is expected from everyone.
If you need help figuring out a good time block, shoot us an email and we would be happy to help with an outline! support@dapperdesigns.store