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Prioritize Yourself!

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on January 27 2021

Prioritize YOURSELF!
I think most of us who are building a business are so busy hustling our business and making sure our families are taken care of that we 100% forget about the importance of prioritizing ourselves.
We give. And give. And give. To everyone else. To everything else. And at the end of the day, or the week, or month we have nothing left for ourselves. Because our cup is completely empty. And in the morning we wake up with a cup that has only been partially refilled by some much needed (but probably very interrupted) sleep. And then we completely empty ourselves into everyone and everything else all over again.
Take time for yourself. TIME BLOCK “YOU” TIME EVERY SINGLE WEEK. And once you start to prioritize yourself, I can almost guarantee your business will start to flourish even more. Why? Well, because when we aren’t pouring from an empty cup then we still have that passion in our soul that made each of us want to become a small business owner in the first place. Feeding that passion is what pushes us. Embracing that passion is what sets us apart from other small business owners.
So take the time. Read a book in the park. Go to the gym. Take the class. Go pamper yourself, sis! And don’t feel bad for one minute... because investing in YOURSELF is investing in YOUR BUSINESS ❤️