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Let's Talk Brand Reps

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on January 27 2021

Alright, so now that we have a good foundation (pricing is set, you understand your value & are able to articulate why you refuse to be CHEAP), LET’S GROW!
I think we can all agree now that ORGANIC GROWTH is best & we are going to stay far away from “like, share, add three people” posts.
So, HOW do we grow then? Well, there are a LOT of ways to grow. My personal favorite though is WORD OF MOUTH! And the best word of mouth is recommendations from people they trust... and THAT is why I am a HUGE fan of brand ambassadors.
What is a brand ambassador?
A brand ambassador is someone who represents YOUR brand. They wear it, they promote it, they recommend it. And in return, they receive incentives.
How do you choose a brand ambassador? Well, there are KEY THINGS you want to look for when searching for brand ambassadors. You want clean, clear, quality photos of your product being used/worn. You want someone who represents your client base (or the client base you want). You want someone who values your brand & is pretty consistent with purchases.
Why are the quality of photos important? Well, because it is a VISUAL of your brand. Your brand rep is going to use those photos to encourage people to purchase, so they need to be enticing. YOU are also going to use those photos for marketing.
Why do you want someone who represents your target client base? Well, because they are putting your product in front of THEIR friends... friends that you want to purchase from you! If your product is geared towards southern women, a brand ambassador in New York City isn’t going to have the same impact as a brand ambassador in Alabama.
But why pick a brand ambassador who already purchase from you consistently? That’s easy.... THEY SEE THE VALUE IN YOUR BRAND! They already have a lot of experience with your product. They will have a lot of merchandise to take pictures of. Because remember, you need CONSISTENT & QUALITY posts for Facebook... and PICTURES are one of the key factors in the Facebook algorithm.
So, how do you search for a brand ambassador? What are the expectations of a brand ambassador? What are their incentives? Here is an example of that might look like (feel free to copy and edit/paste to use)...
🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you’re interested in receiving 25% off of all of your purchase, get early access to new products, AND get the occasional freebie!
Here are the details!
🖤 We are looking for new brand reps who love our product, can take quality photos that highlight our merch, and want to see us grow!
Interested?? Here’s whatcha need to know...
• must post a photo you have taken of our product AT LEAST once a week on Facebook & Instagram, & tag our group (you can take several pictures of the same product, but the pose/accessories used should be different in each photo). This photo should also be posted IN our Facebook group.
• must share a post every Thursday encouraging your friends to join for our new sales that are posted every Thursday evening.
• must understand your photos will be used on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
• must engage with every post I make in our Facebook group (like & comment”
If you’re interested, post a pic ⬇️ showing me the type of brand rep photos we can expect from you! New brand reps will be posted on FRIDAY!!