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Collaboration Over Competition

Written by Erika Cappa


Posted on January 27 2021

There are a lot of things that demand our energy as small business owners. Focusing on competition should NOT be one of them.


Make friends in your industry. Share tips & tricks. Build each other up. Quit looking at anyone else who does something similar to you as competition. Look at them as an ally, because you are NOT going to appeal to every customer out there. Your style is not going to be everyone else’s cup of tea.


This is not me saying, “share all of your secrets with every Tom, Dick & Harry who asks”. This is me saying, “you will be more successful in the long run if you are more open to collaboration with other established business owners regardless of their industry than viewing everyone as competition”.


I collaborate with several other screen printers. We share success stories & horror stories. We share ideas & discuss trends. We help each other when burdens and stress get heavy.


We don’t compete. We collaborate. And we all win from it.


Be a collaborator not a competitor.